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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Rajith Attapattu

Red Hat, Inc.

Building Scalable Enterprise Messaging Systems Using AMQP

AMQP is an open, interoperable messaging protocol that takes commodity messaging to a new dimension. Guaranteed-delivery messaging middleware is the underpinning of both back and middle office systems, in every automated business process in medium to large enterprises.

AMQP offers a powerful solution in this space, with multi-language support and wire-level interoperability. This reduces vendor lock in, and offers exciting opportunities for multi-vendor interoperability and innovations around a well defined standard.

This session will introduce the architecture and design principles behind AMQP and demonstrate how AMQP can be leveraged to build scalable enterprise messaging systems.

REST in Peace

REST has become a catch phrase in distributed computing, and there seems to be a lot of hype and interest around it. Sadly there is also a lot misunderstanding about what REST really is, especially within the context of Web Services. This presentation will introduce the REST architectural style and will discuss how the REST style can be leveraged to build distributed systems. We will also discuss how we could build Web Services the REST way.

Photo of Rajith Attapattu

Rajith Attapattu is a Senior Software Engineer from Red Hat's Emerging Technology team. Rajith is an open source enthusiast and is an active contributor on several Apache Projects.

He is a committer on Apache Axis2, Apache Qpid and Apache Tuscany, and a contributor for Apache Synapse projects. His recent focus has been on Building Scalable Messaging Middleware, and he is part of the AMQP — Advanced Message Queuing Protocol — working group.

Rajith has 8 years of experience in Software design and development, and has worked in several application domains including Telecommunications, CRM, Finance & Banking and Embedded systems.

Rajith's research interests are in improving Scalability and High Availability of Distributed Systems.

Blog: http://rajith.2rlabs.com/atom

Email: rajith@redhat.com