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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Ron Bodkin

New Aspects of Software

AJAX Performance and Monitoring

You know AJAX can improve Web application usability, but only if designed properly. How do you deploy and manage responsive rich client networked applications that scale? If you are using services from multiple sources, how can you identify bottlenecks? In this session, we look at the architectural changes implied by AJAX and other networked rich clients, with an overview of the major technologies and how they impact applications. You will learn about the key performance, scalability and reliability challenges as well as how to avoid them.

We then review how noninvasive monitoring and JMX management data can be integrated to better understand and quickly resolve production problems. You will learn how to integrate low overhead effective monitoring without needing to "bake in" instrumentation up front. You will also learn how to troubleshoot problems in Java-based applications quickly, with illustrations of how these apply to common issues in AJAX applications.

Using the Spring Framework for Aspect-Oriented Programming

This session introduces aspect-oriented programming (AOP) using the Spring Framework. Spring is a popular open source framework that dramatically improves enterprise development. You will learn how AOP can avoid scattered and tangled code for pervasive requirements like persistence and security.

We will initially learn with examples that use Spring's built in proxy AOP mechanism. We then move on to examples that require more fine-grained integration, and see how new features in Spring 2.0 and AspectJ 5 make for a natural approach to handling domain-specific aspects like policy enforcement, error handling, and caching.

Finally, we review the stages of effective adoption of aspects, looking at options for leveraging AOP, ranging from configuring pre-built aspects to creating coarse-grained and fine-grained aspects. We also look at some of the deployment options, from coarse-grained Spring AOP Proxies, to Spring configuration of fine-grained AspectJ aspects integrated with either build-time or load-time weaving. This session does not require previous experience using AOP, the Spring Framework, or AspectJ.

Photo of Ron Bodkin

Ron Bodkin is the founder of New Aspects of Software, which provides consulting and training on software development. New Aspects focuses on aspect-oriented programming and lightweight open source Java to enable more adaptable software. Previously, Ron led the first implementation projects and training efforts for customers of the AspectJ group at Xerox PARC. Prior to that, Ron was a founder and the CTO of C-bridge, a consultancy that delivered enterprise applications using Java frameworks.

Email: rbodkin@newaspects.com