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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Scott Blum


Taming AJAX with GWT

The advent of AJAX has been great for users (richer, faster experience) and great for servers (less processor and network per user). But sometimes it appears developers got the short end of the stick. In this session, we'll explore how building client-side functionality with Google Web Toolkit can make your development cycle easier, with a focus on migrating existing web apps. In the last part of the session we'll discuss best practices for server calls. Familiarity with GWT is recommended but not required.

Photo of Scott Blum

Scott Blum has been a sofware engineer on the Google Web Toolkit team since 2005. He focuses on the Java-to-JavaScript compiler and hosted mode browser integration. He's also a big fan of Java and a bigger fan of Eclipse, the leading cause of dust gathering on his C++ books. Before coming to Google, Scott worked for several years on mobile software development tools. His work included compilers, virtual machines, object frameworks, and all manner of low level hackery.

Email: scottb@google.com