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Bruce Snyder
Jailey Solutions

Apache Geronimo for Developers

Apache Geronimo is the newest certified J2EE implementation on the market and developers need a jumpstart guide to ramp up as quickly as possible. Understanding how to exploit the features of Geronimo is key in becoming productive. Some of the most common issues for developers surround the configuration of services within the application server. A few of the most common services include JDBC pools, JMS topics and queues, logging and security. In addition to configuration, the deployment of enterprise applications, web applications is also critical and somewhat different in Geronimo.

This session will demonstrate how to configure some common services in Geronimo as well as how to deploy applications in Geronimo. After attending this session, developers should be able to begin using Geronimo for application development and become part of the Geronimo community.

Apache Geronimo Architecture and Community

Apache Geronimo has changed considerably in the last year due to the project-wide focus on J2EE 1.4 certification. Much more infrastructure is now in place and ready for development, but the best is yet to come. Geronimo's pluggable architecture using GBeans offers an unmatched level of flexibility. This allows anyone to easily plug in a favorite container or service by creating a custom configuration, no matter whether it's commercial or open source. It's these yet-to-be-seen configurations that will make Geronimo truly great and these configurations will only come from the Geronimo user community. The combination of these two items is extremely important to Geronimo.

This session will not only demonstrate how to use GBeans to create your own custom configurations, but it will also answer many common questions about the Geronimo architecture and the components making up the Geronimo community. Through these and many other opportunities you can become a part of the Geronimo community. This session will also discuss how to become part of Geronimo through contributions. Find out how you too can contribute to and be part of Geronimo.

Photo of Bruce Snyder

Bruce Snyder is a 10-year veteran of enterprise software development and a
recognized leader in open source software. Bruce has experience in a wide range of technologies, focusing mainly on J2EE and more recently Enterprise Service Bus and Service Oriented Architecture. In addition
to his role as a Practice Leader for Virtuas Solutions, Bruce is also a founding member of Apache Geronimo (, a
lead developer for the Castor project (, a developer for the ServiceMix project ( and a developer for the WADI project ( Bruce also serves as a member of the JCP expert group for JSR-243 (Java Data Objects 2.0) ( In addition, Bruce is also currently co authoring Professional Apache Geronimo for Wrox Press and is a speaker at industry conferences including Colorado Software Summit, JavaOne, ApacheCon and No Fluff
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