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Mitchell Smith
Array BioPharma Inc.

XML Support in Relational Databases

Relational databases are now providing support to store, retrieve, and process XML data natively. In addition, XML can be generated directly from XQuery/SQL queries on existing relational data.

In this session, you will learn the ins-and-outs of XML support from the vendors and standards bodies and how to apply this to applications that support a SOA architecture.

Topics include:

  • XML Schema/DTD support in relational databases
  • XML document storage and retrieval
  • Processing and transforming XML documents in the database through XQuery, XPath, and XML transformations built into SQL
  • Retrieval of relational data as an XML document or document fragment.

Support for XML from the vendors is fairly recent and is growing with each version. Whenever possible, the examples will be based upon the work of standards bodies.

A basic knowledge of relational databases is recommended.

Intermediate Python

Learn more about this interpreted, object-oriented, open-source, and cross-platform language by exploring a number of popular development packages that have been developed in the Python language.

The packages that will be covered include:

  • WxPython - A windowing toolkit built upon the cross-platform wxWindows.
  • Numeric - A library of powerful array and math processing capabilities.
  • SciPy - library of scientific tools for both processing and displaying of data.
  • Twisted - an event-driven networking framework that can be used as a high-performance server.
  • XML - Python support for XML

In addition, some of the newer language features will be covered.

A basic knowledge of Python is recommended. Attendees who have never programmed in Python and have an affinity for curly braces or begin/end blocks should not attend.

Photo of Mitchell Smith

Mitchell Smith is Chief Software Architect at Array BioPharma Inc., a drug discovery company, in Boulder Colorado. He has twenty years of experience developing software solutions, and has been working with relational databases for more than fourteen years and Python for four years. He is currently working to take the chemoinformatics and bioinformatics solutions put in place over the last four years and developing decision support and data mining solutions using Java and Python. He is also providing technical leadership in filling out the informatics portion of the Array drug discovery platform. Prior to joining Array, Mitch worked at Rational Software Cooperation, where he co-architected a next-generation requirements management system using J2EE and XML technologies. Mitch holds an A.B. from Harvard College and an M.S. in computer science from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Mitch is an avid year-round mountain biker; he also enjoys camping and overseas vacations.


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