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Dave Landers
BEA Systems Inc.

WSRP: Web Services for Remote Portlets

WSRP is an Oasis standard that allows a portal to access, display, and use portlets which are hosted on remote systems. With WSRP, portals and portlets are decoupled -- deployed on separate servers in separate applications. This decoupling is especially helpful for administration and management of large portal projects. WSRP also enables a portal to federate application components (the portlets) from several servers into a single application (the portal).

WSRP defines a protocol where a "Producer" hosts a User Interface (UI) in the form of a portlet. A "Consumer" portal can then proxy that portlet to its own users. This allows the Producer to expose only the UI, rather than exposing finer-grained access to business components.

In this session we will explore the WSRP protocol, its capabilities, as well as its limitations. And of course, there will be examples.

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of webapp and portlet concepts.
Level: Intermediate.

Photo of Dave Landers

Dave Landers is an Architect for WebLogic Portal development in Boulder, Colorado. He has been working with Java and J2EE technologies for longer than he'd like to admit. Don't even ask about languages he used before Java.

He enjoys spending time outdoors: camping, hiking, and skiing with his wife and two sons. He also gets some outdoor time by volunteering with the Boy Scouts. And if he had any free time left, he'd spend it his wood shop.


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