The Village at the Keystone Resort
Colorado Software Summit
Java and XML Programming Conference
November 3 – 8, 2002
Keystone Conference Center

Things to Do in the Keystone Area

Experience has shown that Colorado Software Summit will keep participants far too busy to participate in activities outside the conference (no one wants to miss even a minute of this jam-packed agenda!), but we also know that most people come early and stay late, and many bring their families. There are a lot of things to see and do in and around Keystone, and still more things to do in and around Denver. We will try to provide a descriptive guide to the more interesting ones, usually based on personal experience supplemented by whatever text resources we can find. Where links exist to other interesting Web sites with further information, we will provide those as well.


*Fishing Trips


*Mount Evans

*Silverthorne Factory Stores


*Summit County Stage

*Working Mines

Area Attractions

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