The Village at the Keystone Resort
Colorado Software Summit
Java and XML Programming Conference
November 3 – 8, 2002
Keystone Conference Center


Paul van Keep – Sumatra Software

SuperString Theory

So you think you know all there is to know about using Strings in Java. Come to this session and find out that there is a lot more than meets the eye. We'll go into the common pitfalls related to using Strings. We'll dive into performance aspects of Strings, and we'll talk about the new features that J2SE 1.4 has in store for us. Attending this session should be mandatory for everyone who wants to use Strings in their Java programs.

Java.NIO – As in New Improved Optimized

Have you ever been jealous of C programmers who are able to go "down to the metal" and get screaming I/O performance in their applications? Be jealous no more. Sun's J2SE 1.4 has a complete set of new I/O classes that give you the same power. This session will show you how to use these new java.nio classes in practice. We'll build an application that will have performance close to what is possible with native calls. We'll also apply the new character set classes and compare them with the old ones. No API overviews, just straightforward Java code.

Picture of Paul van Keep

Paul van Keep is one of the founders of Exact Software, Sumatra Software and He started coding and playing computer games on a TI-59 in 1979 and hasn't stopped since. Email:


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