The Village at the Keystone Resort
Colorado Software Summit
Java and XML Programming Conference
November 3 – 8, 2002
Keystone Conference Center


Paul Tremblett – AudioAudit, Inc.

Building a UDDI Registry Server

A good way to learn how something works is to take it apart. An even better way is to use the knowledge acquired from taking it apart to build a working model of your own. In this session, we will examine the components of a working UDDI registry server. We will then show how to assemble the router servlet, the request processors and the database tables required to build a registry server, which we will test locally. To prove it is compliant, we will browse it via the Internet using a third party browser. As we send requests to the registry server, we will analyze each request as it is processed by the router and forwarded to the appropriate processing module, show the resultant changes to the persistent store where applicable and examine the XML that is returned to the client.

If your company policy mandates using a "closed" UDDI registry server instead of one of the public servers, at the conclusion of this session you should be able to develop one, or at least intelligently decide between developing or purchasing one.

Serial and Parallel I/O in Java

Mention communications protocol to a software developer and chances are he or she will immediately think of TCP/IP and assume that I/O will use sockets. Sometimes, however, you might simply want to transfer data between a program and a serial or parallel device without all of the networking overhead. In such cases you can use the classes and interfaces contained in the Java Communications API, which can be used to write platform-independent communications applications that use RS-232 and IEEE 1284. In this session, we will examine the API using code that uses the API.

Picture of Paul Tremblett

Paul Tremblett is a software developer with AudioAudit, Inc. He has written articles on a variety of Java-related topics for Dr. Dobb's Journal and is the author of Instant Enterprise JavaBeans, Instant JavaServer Pages with CDROM and Instant Wireless Java with J2ME, published by Osborne/McGraw-Hill. Email:


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